Friday, September 5, 2014

She's Really Not the Man

She's the man used components of ethos, pathos, and logos all throughout the trailer. For ethos, or credibility, they used Amanda Bynes who is a very recognizable actress. At the time she was on a very popular tv show, The Amanda Show, which was known to be hilarious and often times “a sense of humor can play an important role in getting a audience to listen to you”(59 Everything’s an Argument). She was known as "America's Sweetheart" and she had the good girl rep. Actors are often used for ethos because they are the face of the movie. The represent all of the characters reputations, the director, the script, and the book; which is why Amanda Bynes was such a good choice for the movie. She had a great reputation at the time, so there was not a risk of her ruining all of their reputations. The face of Amanda Bynes was also used as the aspect of pathos. Along with her, Channing Tatum was used for the emotional appeal because of their good looks. Lastly, Amanda Bynes was used for logos because she is often involved in movies that are comedies. This has worked in the past for her, so it is logical to cast her as the funny character because it will persuade people to go see the movie. Overall, I think that the trailer used ethos, pathos, and logos correctly.
            The trailer does not use many of the funny scenes in it because it is trying to incorporate more drama into the movie. In reality the movie is more funny then dramatic, but judging by the trailer it is unclear of what the genre is. There is not a lot of music playing either, a little back up music that is upbeat and lifting, instead there is a voice explaining who is in love with whom and why certain people hate each other. But, on the other hand it is very good that they do not use many of the funny scenes in it because often times movies will end up using every funny part in their preview and when you show up there isn’t anything that you haven’t seen yet.
            “It should come as no surprise: readers believe writers who seem honest, wise, and trustworthy;” and it is no different with producers (105 Everything’s an Argument). DreamWorks Pictures was the producing company for She’s the Man, and they also have many other movies that they have produced to bring up an honest and trustworthy name for themselves. These movies include Shrek, Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon, Blades of Glory, and many more.
            Due to the appropriate usage of ethos, pathos, logos, the lack of action, but the good usage of drama to draw in the audience, and the comedy. I would give this movie 4 pickles. I am not giving it the 5th pickle because I think that the voice in the trailer over did it with the use of drama. And also I think that more pathos could have been used in the trailer besides just good looks.

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