Friday, September 5, 2014

"May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favor"


 "May the Odds Ever Be In Your Favor"

The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire was released in November 2013 to thousands of fans awaiting the fate of Katniss Everdeens. The main characters featured in this film are recognizable to many, mostly because of the first Hunger Game movie, but also from the previous films they starred in. One of the main male characters in this trailer is Liam Hemsworth, an Australian actor, who is known for starring in The Last Long and also for being Miley Cyruss ex-fiancé. Elizabeth Banks also appears in the Hunger Games who and is known for her roles in Pitch Perfect, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and Role Models. As well as Jennifer Lawrence who made her big debut in the first Hunger Games, but since then has gotten multiple movie roles including American Hustle, Silver Linings Play Book, and X-Men. With a cast so recognizable to the American public as well as the film being a sequel, it gives the movie a strong element of ethos. Another reason why ethos is strong throughout this trailer is because it is exact depiction of the Hunger Game Catching Fire novel. Which gives the audience hope that the movie will not veer off too drastically from the vivid images and scenes that the book created. 
            The trailer can instantly be categorized as an action film with a touch of romance. As shown by the underlying love triangle between Katniss best friend whom she kisses in the movie trailer at home, and the man on the train that she convinced the whole world she fell in love with. The love triangle adds an element of pathos in the film by representing her choices of her family, and the well being of the entire nation by simply the boy she chooses (did she risk her family or choose them for some other reason, just make it a bit more clear). The sense of pathos is also portrayed throughout the trailer by the images that flash throughout it.  From the beginning of the trailer Katniss love for her family is shown by her saying to her sister “you understand what ever I do comes back to you and mom, I don’t want you to get hurt.” And then from there it flashes to the train ride to where there is a symbol of a mocking jay in Katniss hand, as well as painted on the inside of the train tunnel, and the emotions only get more intense as the trailer proceeds to announce another Quarter Quill Hunger Games just in the effort to kill Katniss. From their chaos fills the screen with images of wars, fires, lashings, and it ends with Katniss inside the next arena with a voice saying “remember who the real enemy is.” Followed by the song of “Rue” from the first film from when a fellow member had died.
            The last sentence not only added pathos to the trailer, it made me want to go see the movie. It evoked questions such as: what do you mean remember who the enemy is? Why is their Hunger Games when she was in one last year? What happened to the districts? By having these questions it gave the film a sense of mystery with a lot of ethos from knowing how great the first Hunger Games movie was. The trailer also did a great job of revealing just enough information in order to get the audience interested without revealing the whole plot line. The trailer showed snippets of events that took place in the movie, but just enough so the audience wondered what evoked it.
            The trailer also engages visual argument. The symbol of the mocking jay pin is shown multiple times throughout the trailer. First shown in Katniss hands, then shown drawn on the side of the train tunnel, then on a flag in the middle of war, and then finally again pinned on Katniss before entering the games. According to Everything’s an Argument  “Images make arguments of their own.” I believe this is true with the mockingjay because in the trailer to the capital is means rebellion, but to the districts it means hope. “Casting characterization.” (Understanding Movies 12th edition) was also prevalent with Jennifer Lawrence as the main character. Since she became established in the first Hunger Games film, this second time around she automatically established “ her fictional character.” Not because she was the original, but from her previous movies and how she acts in her personal life, really sets the stage of how Katniss ora is in the trailer.
            I really think this movie trailer represented not only the film but the book as well. The only thing that was missing from the trailer would be the element of logos. The movie is a sequel so the logos came from the first movie where the plot line initially unfolded, but other than that there is not a strong element.
            I would give this trailer a 4/5 pickles! And remember, “May the odds forever be in your favor!”

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