Friday, September 5, 2014

One Ring To Rule Them All

Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring has many elements that make the viewer watching the trailer to want to see the movie.  The trailer begins with no music and a deep voice.  This immediately attracts the viewer with the use of suspension.  Because this is the beginning of a series, the trailer tells a pre story, to catch everyone up on what has gone on before this point in time.  With this use of logos, it makes it easier to understand what is going on in the present time.  Considering the evil half of this movie is an ugly looking beast, it’s hard to relate to that.  But at the same, it takes place a long time ago.  This is inferred because of the swords and bows present.  There is also the use of pathos.  The mood is dreary at first.  It gives the viewer a feeling that there is no hope.  Though as the trailer goes on there begins to be a slimmer of hope.  As the trailer gives off this feeling, the viewer gets that same feeling.  Most of the actors that show themselves in the trailer are not well know.  This trailer could have done a better job of focusing on Orlando Bloom.  He is the most well known actor in this group and if would have seen more scream time then it might have helped viewer want to go see the movie more.  Even though they are not very well known the actors are still attractive.  Great looking beards and good bodies, what’s not to like?   Next there is a ton of ethos throughout this trailer.  First, the studio that flashes at the beginning of the trailer is a very credible studio, and very well known.  The director, Peter Jackson, is also a very well known director, producing movies such as King Kong.  This helps give some credibility to the movie, giving the feeling that because his past movies have done well, that this one will too.  There is text that flashes from time to time across the screen.  This is used to also set a mood.  It helps the suspenseful theme and at the end it also helps to pump the viewer up and get them to really want to see the movie.  The text in these words is strong looking, to give the movie strength.  This strength shows at the beginning that the bad side has all of the power and there is no hope, but then at the end the power switches to the good time, the ones trying to destroy the ring of power.  The color of the text is yellow, which is no coincidence that the color of the ring is also yellow.  The text reads that movie will release this Christmas.  This is a great marketing tool because lots of kids will tell their parents that they will want to see this movie, and Christmas is more of a family holiday so the odds of the parents taking them are higher.  I am giving this movie trailer 4 pickles.  The use of storytelling was great which really helped me understand where and when t he movie was taking place.  It did not get a perfect score because I thought the movie lacked a little in the Ethos category.  The characters may have been scary looking bit was really the only factor drawing the viewer in.

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