Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man

            In the film The Amazing Spiderman, special effects are essential to portray the story accurately and effectively. Both the main characters, Peter Parker who is a superhero and the lizard who is the villain, possess superhuman capabilities that cannot be acted out. The stunts that they perform require computer-generated images to make the scenes look realistic. Special effects are used throughout the movie for gravity defying stunts, the creation of the lizard, and finally for the fights between Spider-Man and the lizard, all enhancing the film.
            Throughout the movie, Spider-Man does gravity defying stunts like running up walls, swinging from buildings, jumping from car to car, and hanging from bridges using his artificial web material. All of these movements are fluid and graceful. The “computer-generated images have allowed filmmakers to create fantasy worlds of the utmost realism” (Giannetti 35). Even though while watching the film the viewer knows that these stunts cannot be done in real life, one does not think about it because of the excellent execution of these effects. The superpowers that Spider-Man performs in the movie do not go too far as to where the viewer would think the movie was completely unrealistic.
            The lizard in the film was computer-generated. The lizard has characteristics of a human and lizard, although it is much larger in size than either a human or lizard. Having this digitally created creature enhances the evil traits of this villain. It looks like a creature we have never seen, but it has traits from a human and lizard that we have seen, making it believable. Since the lizard was digitally created, all of the fight scenes between Spider-Man and the lizard were digitally created as well. 
            Both of the characters movements in the fight scenes look realistic even though some of the tricks they do cannot be done in real life like running along the sides of buildings. In one of the fight scenes, the special effects to make a part of the building look as though it is falling looks completely real. Spider-Man falls off a building too, adding to the powerfulness of the scene. Without the special effects helping to make the fictional, digitally produced lizard and Spider-Man engage in these intense fights, the movie would lose a lot of its excitement and effect.
            The special effects in The Amazing Spider-Man enhance the film tremendously. Without the special effects, Spider-Man would have no superpowers and the lizard and fights between Spider-Man and the lizard would not exist. Not only are special effects needed to depict the story of Spider-Man accurately, but the special effects help intensify the film. They are used in a way to make the characters and stunts they are performing believable. I rate the special effects feature in this film with five slurpees.


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