Thursday, February 27, 2014

Crazy Stupid Love

            In the film Crazy Stupid Love several brand names are displayed that contribute ethos, pathos, and logos to the film as a whole and to the brands being shown. In this movie particularly, different brand names are shown to distinguish products that are modern and fashionable compared to products that are more practical and sometimes dated. Two main sponsorships that take place are for the car brand Volvo and for the clothing store Hugo Boss.
            In one of the first scenes of the movie Steve Carrel and Julianne Moore are driving in a SUV Volvo xc90. Steve carrel jumps out of the moving car after hearing that his wife wants a divorce. When
Moore stops the car and gets out to see if her husband is okay, the camera focuses on the logo of the Volvo on the back of the car for at least a full five seconds. Volvo cars are known for being very safe and durable cars. The film adds even more ethos to Volvo’s reputation by featuring it as a family car. Having the Volvo car in this scene instead of a car without a real name brand on it adds credibility to the film. “Brand-name products and logos realistically reflect the landscape of everyday American life” (Smith 2). The Volvo car does not appeal to any pathos in the scene. However, it does appeal to logos. If you are a middle-aged family man and like Steve Carrel as an actor, it may seem logical to want to own your own Volvo car. In this instance, Volvo would be benefitting from the advertising in the film. On the other hand, younger people may see the Volvo as a car that is for families and this may discourage them from wanting to own a Volvo.
            Ryan Gosling, a young, handsome, trendy, ladies man, meets Carrel at the mall to help him with his wardrobe. When arriving to the mall, Carrel is wearing a Ralph Lauren polo shirt and New Balance sneakers. Gosling proceeds to take him to the store Hugo Boss, where they buy him new clothing. Hugo Boss is known for being a high-end fashion-clothing brand, especially known for their suits. 
In the previous scenes in the movie, Gosling is always dressed in expensive, nice looking suits. All of the girls in the film are attracted to him. By showing that he shops in Hugo Boss, the brand gains ethos because it shows that their brand is stylish and modern. The film gains credibility because now the audience can put a specific brand to the trendy clothes Gosling wears. Some argue, “most placements really flatter the product… the label always facing the camera. They hover there in an almost beautiful way” (Smith 2). In Crazy Stupid Love all of the products are shown realistically and do not look anti-realistic as Smith argues. Hugo Boss invokes the feeling of being youthful and hip. It also argues logos that if you wear the brand Hugo Boss, you can have this life style that Gosling does in the movie, attracting lots of beautiful women. Having the sponsorship of Hugo Boss is beneficial to the brand and the film.
            The sponsorship of Volvo and Hugo Boss both add credibility to the film by making it more realistic. The products also argue ethos to the brands by advertising them in positive settings. The realism of the movie helps evoke emotions from the audience. The way the products are displayed could add logos to the film and gain even further recognition in an appealing way. I rate the advertisements in this film with four slurpees because both the brands featured in this movie and the film gain equal benefits from the product placements and are used in a way to enhance the quality of the film.

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