Thursday, February 27, 2014

Marley and Me

Marley and Me

            Most movies need to use common and popular products on set, so the audience can relate themselves with the actors in the movie. Also many companies pay the movie producers for the use and advertisement of their product. Since the products that the actors use has large influence with the movie or actors fans. If the producer makes the product look desirable many of the audience would be soon interested and want to have the product.

            In the movie Marley and Me by David Frankie shows some products and companies that could be advertised. The first one is the company that Owen Wilson, John, worked for, South-Florida Sun Sentinel newspaper. At the beginning of the movie when John was just getting out of the car for his interview at Sun Sentinel, his wife Jennifer Anniston, Jenny, told him to be confident since he is being interviewed to a “major metropolitan newspaper”. This definitely brings advertisement to Sun Sentinel since it is mention several times throughout the movie. Also since John shows before being interviewed that he really want to work there, it makes the company be desirable for the audience. John portraits the company as a prodigious company so this helps the company be more recognized worldwide. The advertisement ethos shows the credibility of South- Florida Sun Sentinel Newspaper Company. It’s logos, when Jenny told John to be confident and to be exited that he is being interviewed with one of the major metropolitan newspaper made me feel exited and I could imagine myself exited by being interview to one of the major companies in my industry. 
  Later on the movie, when Sebastian, Eric Dane, was movie to New York and mentions to John that he got a job at New York Times. John mention with gratitude how proud he feels for him and how they always wished to work for New York Times. In my opinion this is consider a kind of advertisement since it remarks that to work for New York Times is a huge deal and it is a very recognizable company worldwide. As logos the advertisement shows authority and credibility since the New York Times is a really well known company. Movie Producers if they want to they can just create a new brand or name for the products on the movie instead of advertise certain companies. But as Martin J. Smith mentions in his article “First, they say, brand-name products and logos realistically reflect the landscape of everyday American life” (Smith, page 2). Obviously if they incorporate recognizable brands it makes the movie more credible and the audience can relate to the movie much more easy thank creating a new brand. 

            In conclusion, the companies get lots of profit and recognition by being advertised in movies. Also by the movie producers incorporating recognizable brands help their audience to relate easier with the movie since shows more like a really day-to-day life, instead of something new that no one knows about.

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