Thursday, February 27, 2014

            The movie Fast and Furious 6 is definitely my favorite of all Justin Lin’s productions. It is one of the most exiting action movies and it is stared by both Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. Most of the time some kind of advertising is incorporated into high quality movies and series. It is more than obvious that the producers integrated sponsorships in specific scenes of the movie. In a movie, advertising can function as an asset in enhancing the rhetorical devices. It is convenient for both the producers and the brands being advertised. I will analyze some key advertising scenes within the movie, which help to uphold the brand and enhance the scene.

             The first scene that I’m going to analyze is stared by Dwayne Johnson, worldwide known for his action movies and his time in the WWE.  The scene takes place in Europe where helicopters, police officers and militaries are investigating a terrorist attack. Dwayne arrives in his military truck and walks around wearing military pants and an Under Armour black t-shirt. After talking to a couple of people, he goes to the Interpol headquarters where the only suspect is under arrest. The suspect refused to cooperate so Dwayne tortures him, punching and pushing him all around the room. It was amazing how Dwayne demonstrated strength and authority in this scene; I was really excited when I saw it. The scene was perfect for Under Armour because their advertising is always related to strength and performance. The brand also helps to boost the argument of the scene and augment credibility. Another advertisement that caught my attention was the car chase with the BMWs. Dwayne, Vin Diesel and his team were all driving 5 series while chasing Owen Shaw. However the outcome was different because all the cars were taken down and Shaw escaped in a faster car. Even though famous actors drove the cars, the outcome was negative, affecting the brand. I felt disappointed with the whole scene specially because I like BMW and the cars looked weak at the eyes of the public. The last scene I will analyze advertises Corona. At the end of the movie the whole team enjoys a barbeque and some drinks. As J. Smith said in his article “First, they say, brand-name products and logos realistically reflect the landscape of everyday American life” Smith 2). The scene represents the American tradition of an outdoors barbeque and positions corona as an American accepted beer. Corona is worldwide known for being fresh and always being constant with their quality. This scene effectively helped Coronas popularity in the American market.

            Product advertisement on movies has changed in time. J. Smith said, “Product placements during the past decade have gone from a mostly bartered and low-key public relations vehicle into what increasingly are straight cash-for-exposure transactions, which some say generate as much as $ 25 million a year” (Smith 3). It is extremely convenient for companies to use movies as a branding tool. Even though some people disagree with some of the products chosen, it generates a lot of money. Both Under Armour and Corona successfully represented their argument, however BMW had a negative outcome. If a product is used in the wrong scene, it can have negative effects on the Brand. Therefore, I rate this film 4 out of five Slurpiee’s and I highly recommend it.

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