Thursday, February 20, 2014

            The Hobbit film series has some of the most amazing special effects I have ever experienced. It is based on the old novel The Hobbit, published in 1937. The movie takes place in a fantasy middle-earth world where wizards, hobbits, dwarves and many other creatures existed. It is amazing how the producers of this series were able to elaborate such a high definition production with all the special effects that were incorporated. The Hobbit used special effects to enhance the overall film as well as specific scenes. I will discuss how special effects were used in some specific scenes.

            Special effects are effects used to produce scenes that are not achievable by using regular techniques. The Hobbit is known for being a completely unreal movie and a computer usually designs the characters. The producers used special effects to animate the unreal characters, however the real actors have to pretend being in the real movie situation. The first scene that I’m about to analyze is at the middle of the movie where Gandalf and a group of dwarfs fight against five giant trolls, where they used metal swords and other weapons to attack them. King Kong has a similar scene as Lundsford and Ruszkiewicz mention in their book Understanding Movies “Naomi Watts most important costar, a 25-foot tall, 8,00-pound silverback gorilla, was nonexistent. He was created with special effects, yet seems extraordinary lifelike, almost human” (Understanding Movies, page 33). It is incredible how some special effect techniques are used to simulate scenes where the background is completely computerized. This technique is achieved by using green or blue screen technology, in which the producers can determine the background around the character. It is challenging for the characters to act in this kind of scenes because there is nothing going on around them. This scene made the movie look so realistic, that I felt fear and anxiety. The special effects actively boost the effectiveness of pathos in the movie.

            The second scene that I’m going to analyze is also unachievable by using regular techniques. After Gandalf and the dwarfs finally escaped from the orcs attack, they are obligated to jump from the top of a mountain. Luckily, they were all rescued by a flock of giant birds, and they fly through the sky. This action scene made me feel thrilled and terrified. The use of special effects is unreal because of the high definition of the background and the realistic giant birds. The use of green screen technology was successfully used and the high definition background gave credibility to the scene. On the other hand, the orcs, which were attacking the dwarves, demonstrate evil authority.

            It was obvious that The Hobbit was going to be a good quality production since it is liked to the series Lord of the Rings. Since this movie is completely fictional, the special effects are only meant to make it more realistic. Both the actors and the producers did an extraordinary job with the animation the characters, the action scenes, and the detailed backgrounds of the movie. This effects helped to demonstrate credibility, and to make the public experience more feelings and emotions while watching the movie. The special effects definitely enhanced the movie.

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