Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trash, Technology and Love = Wall-E?

It’s a proven fact that the character Wall-E is one of the cutest Pixar characters ever created; I do not have data to back this claim up but believe me, it’s true. Wall-E embodies all the characteristics of a cute, cuddly teddy bear but he himself is a clunky robot who picks up trash all day. The sole purpose for Wall-E’s existence is because the human’s trashed the earth so bad that is was uninhabitable. This leads to the negative thesis in the film: if humans keep up their messy and selfish ways, we could destroy the earth to an unfixable spot. Also if humans continue to depend on technology to get everything done, we will become unable to accomplish simple tasks. However the movie Wall-E has a good thesis about love coming in all different forms because Wall-E and Eve ended up falling in love and they were two different types of robots. There is a negative thesis of humans destroying the earth and relying on technology but there is also a positive thesis of love coming in all forms.
            The stronger of the two messages was the negative thesis about trash and technology. In the opening scene of Wall-E it shows earth covered in trash and debris with dark clouds. When it shows Wall-E and his house, earth is shown as covered in feet of trash with towers hundreds of feet tall made up of trash squares. The movie goes on to say how humans produced so much trash that everyone had to evacuate to outer space. This leads to the other negative thesis about depending too much on technology. In the film, humans are shown as unable to even walk because all they do is sit in chairs and have robots do everything for them. I believe this thesis was directed towards children because they are the future and need to be warned of the possible detriments. This message was strong and clear and I know the message was received.
            However, there is also a good thesis to Wall-E. In the end of the movie, Wall-E and the other robot, Eve, fall in love. Wall-e is a trash-consuming robot while Eve was a flying robot who scanned earth looking for life. These two robots are very different but they end up being with each other because they fall in love. This thesis is that there are no barriers in love and that it doesn’t matter your complexion. I don’t believe this thesis is very strong and I believe the trash and technology thesis overshadows it tremendously.

            All in all, there were two very good thesis’ in Wall­-E. There were the negative ones about technology and trash while there was the positive one about love. Both were good arguments but the negative one strongly outweighed the positive one. I think this was one of Pixar’s best movies and I could watch it anytime. With this in mind, I believe Wall-E deserves four stars out of five in regards to the argument.

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