Thursday, October 9, 2014


Attractive, well known, easily recognizable motor vehicles by day…… hard core, fast moving, fighting metal robots at night. In the movie series Transformers one of the products most advertised are the cars. Looking closer at the cars GMC got a claim to have majority of it cars and trucks used in the movie. “General Motors definitely scored a win when they were licensed to provide most of the cars for Transformers.”( Even more pinpointed in the movies are Chevrolets. The protagonist list of cars used are mainly Chevrolets. Jolt, Skids, Mudflap, Leadfoot, Topspin, and Roadbuster where all a part of the Chevy family. The most important and some may deem favorite of all Autobots would have to be Bumblebee.
Originally Bumblebee was a yellow 1977 Chevy Camaro in the first generation of Transformers. His personified attitude was almost that of a child which was why he was many times treated like a little brother in the Autobot community. He was known for being mischievous but it ultimately was always a means for him to get ahead and be respected especially to Optimus Prime. One thing that he was very good at was spying and relaying messages whether it be person to person, Autobot to Autobot, or about a Decepticons. Besides being a messenger he  was a great protector of his owner, Sam Witwicky, which gives the idea that Camaros keep you safe and sound on the rough roads. The Chevrolet Company is known for being a respectable and safe brand of car and as Lunsford state, “If a company is well known, liked, and respected, that reputation will contribute to its persuasive power.” Though we already knew Chevy as a company for safe vehicles the idea that Bumblebee did all these acrobatics and never allowed Sam to be hurt or killed shows the level of reliability of the car raising the ethical appeal of the product has.
Though he came back with limited voice control because of a battle injury which occurred in the first movie, in the second instalment we are given life by the new and improved 5th Generation Rally Yellow Chevrolet Camaro before us. Trust me the CAMARO symbol on the side of the car is shown all through the movies! The change from an older Camaro to a newer Camaro shows us the way he grows matures and ultimately gains the respect he wants from his comrades. I feel this makes the audience feel that upgrades in a person can give you the confidence you need to go to another level in your life. Though Bumblebee was not a person Michael Bay personified his Autobots and Deceptacons so well that when presented to us we can connect to them. The idea of being stealthy and quiet is a good look for the Chevrolet Camaro, one of Chevy’s most beautifully built and favored cars for many people. This idea of being silent but beautiful should be a staple for all cars but makes Bumblebee that much more lovable.  Bay does a great job of showing the Camaro as a dependable car not from the scenes where Bumblebee actually does his vehicular duties, but more on the action scenes. Not only has Bumblebee grown up a little with his growth in vehicle years but his growth from an Autobot evolving into a true Guardian and friend of Sam. 
Most important we see the newer Camaro as important product placement because of the extravagance of the car. In the earlier Bumblebee Camaro we had a not so attractive car with no radio… now Sam and Bumblebee together have a new radio, and new paint job to enhance it hug new build, agility and speed. Bumblebee is not only helping keep Sam safe but he is also helping him get the girl of his dream. The most obvious moment in the product placement is the make-up scene in the third movie between Sam and his leading lady, Mikaela. The emotional appeal in this part of the movie lead to the argument that, “practical differences between being convinced and acting on a conviction can be enormous” meaning the idea that the car is AWESOME is felt by many but the actual going out to purchase the care is how you know if placement worked, or not. General Motors but out a statement saying, “Transformers made the Camaro the dream car of young children and the car worth putting in overtime for the middle class car enthusiast. Sales have been great since 2007, and dreams have been rekindled time and time again with each movie release, some being sparked for the first time this year on June 27 with the release of Transformers: The Age of Extinction.”(
  The impossible yet movie plausible idea of safety, heightened attraction from the opposite sex, and self-confidence aspect of the product was done perfectly. You don’t feel like they overwhelm you with the car but why would they need to, it is beautiful! I give this a 5 pickle rating because it shows the idea that buying a new Camaro will all together make you a cooler and more attractive person!!!!

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