Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bond, James Bond

In the film Casino Royale, directed by Martin Campbell, there are many special effects and action scenes. Falling into the action, adventure and thriller categories, Casino Royale was released in 2006 adding to the James Bond trilogy. The movie tells the story of a British agent apart of the MI6, James Bond (played by Daniel Craig), on a mission to take down a weapons dealer at a highly paid poker tournament at Casino Royale. Before Bond arrives at Casino Royale he has many action scenes that create many special effects.

In one particular scene, Bond is chasing a suspect through the slums of Madagascar. The scene features Bond and the suspect jumping from rooftop to rooftop and jumping off of roofs. The chase finally ends up at a constructions site where the two actors are climbing up a building in the middle of construction and fighting on top of a massive crane. The scene is shot from multiple camera angles and perspectives. Many times the camera zooms up on the characters, other times the camera zooms out to show the audience the full scene and the props around the actors.

The actors show great athleticism and fitness by doing all of this running and climbing in this scene. The scene also is realistic because it adds points of exhaustion and fatigue with the actors. At one particular part, Bond and the suspect are in the middle of a fist fight while hanging on the side of the construction crane, elevated high up in the air. This is very cool because it shows the audience that the actors are highly skilled in risky stunts like this. The purpose of this scene is to get the audience to join Bond’s side and the whole time all we want is for Bond to catch this guy and get the information from him. The scene does a great job of getting the audience on Bonds side, which will last for the rest of the film.

The scene also features multiple gunshots, an explosion and a dull dozer driving through the middle of the construction. This brings excitement to the scene and keeps the audience on the edge of their seat. I’m this scene had to be filmed multiple times so all of the destruction taking place probably took a long time to clean up.

When people go to see a James Bond film they expect car chases, explosions, gunshots and very well dressed attractive women and Casino Royale does a great job of portraying these elements. With the special effects that are realistic and get the audience even more into the film, then the director and special effects team have done a great job

I highly recommend going to see this film or any of the James Bond films if you are looking for a high action film with great special effects!

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