Thursday, October 9, 2014

Big Mac or Big Daddy

INTRO:The movie I choose to critique is Big Daddy. The scene I choose from this movie is where Sunny take Julian to McDonalds for Breakfast, but then Sunny finds out that they are no longer serving breakfast.
ETHOS- This scene from Big Daddy advertises McDonalds. In this scene the kid, Julian does not even know what McDonalds serves. This looks bad for McDonalds because for a kid not to know what McDonalds serves is rare. All kids supposedly love McDonalds and since this kid does not know what they serve, this looks bad for McDonalds. This makes McDonalds look like it doesn’t even have stuff geared toward kids for breakfast. We clearly hear that Julian wants cheerios, but we find out that McDonalds does not cater well to kid’s breakfasts because they don’t even have cheerios. Not only do we see that they don’t cater well to children, but we also see that they don’t keep their breakfast open long enough to satisfy customers. A lot of Americas are lazy and wake up late, so when people see that breakfast ends at 10:30am they might question McDonald’s hours of breakfast. This could also be a good thing go McDonalds too though, to let people know that they stop serving at breakfast at 10:30am, so that people come before it ends. Overall it just looks like they close too early though based off of Sunnys reaction.
PATHOS- Emotionally I felt that I did not want to eat at McDonalds ever again based off that mad scene. Not to mention that the food was not even advertised that much, which is what they should have advertised if they are trying to market their product of FOOD! Another factor that made McDonalds look unappealing was the old man eating by himself with his McDonalds food. Seeing this make me think that if you eat McDonalds you will become old and fat with no friends. Some may think that is over exaggerating, but that’s exactly what it looks like for the old man. To progress on how awful this looks for McDonalds, we then see the irritating man in McDonalds being a smart alec toward Sunny. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to go to a restaurant with smart alecs. The only good thing that came out of this for McDonalds in my eyes is that the movie did really well. The fact that the movie did so well will make other people see this film too and then they will see McDonalds. Seeing McDonalds get air time in the movie is great, but the way it was presented was not.
LOGOS- Based off of the character that Adam Sandler plays in Big Daddy, we see that he does not have much success in his career or life. For someone who doesn’t have a lot of money and doesn’t really care much about life, McDonalds is the perfect place. McDonalds is associated with being fast, cheap, and fattening. In a sense this symbolizes the character of Sunny. He doesn’t care about his appearance and looks like a bum most of the time. McDonalds, back in the day was very geared toward children with the happy meals and advertisements to reel kids in. This connection of children with the restaurant of McDonalds helps viewers to associate Sunny as a child figure too. This is a great association for him since he does act like a kid and never really grew up. To add on to the logos of this, many Americans know and love to go to breakfast at McDonald’s and Martin Smith from Orange County said that,” brand-name products and logos realistically reflect the landscape of everyday American life.” This helps viewers to feel a part of the movie in a sense because they too probably go to McDonalds in the mornings. Overall logos did a really good job.

Overall Rating: this marketing for McDonalds was not good advertisement. It made them look awful to the public eye. They had no food advertised, angry customers, and an old men eating all by himself, thus making McDonalds look unwelcoming or appetizing. The fast food restaurant choice of McDonalds was very fitting to the movie, but that was the only positive thing I could find for McDonalds being in this film. Based off all these issues I would give Big Daddy 2 pickles.

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