Thursday, September 27, 2012

Iron Man II Let You Experience the Real Movie.

Iron Man 2 is a 2010 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Iron Man. It is the sequel to 2008's Iron Man, the film is Directed by Jon Favre au and written by Justin Theroux. I enjoy watching the film Iron man 2, the reasons are vary, for instance I am one of the fans of Robert Downey, Jr. and I like superhero but I do not chose Avenger was because there are several superheroes in it and all of them are the focus of the film so it is hard for me to pick up which one to write up. The major reason was that the difference between Iron I and Iron II catch my attention - special effect, that gives the audience a level of spectacle and action they can expected.

Audience can easily find the special effects on Iron man 2. There are two kinds of special effects first of all the computer effects. In Louis Giannetti’s, Understanding Movies, it states, “Acting has also been affected by this technology, though not usually in a positive way” (33) so Iron man 2 use computer to make effects which show audience the technology on film is super advanced, for example the computer animation. In the scene that iron man fly in to sky and the forces of evil control the metal robot catch Iron man, they use computer animation also the weapon they use, the orbit of missile are computer controlled.

Also Iron man 2 use blue screen technology which is the foreground and background shots are shot separately and later superimposed one on the other. Certain areas of the foreground have to be transparent for the background detail to show through. (The revolution of special effects in movies) This technology was used through whole movie, such as the walls in Tony’s house are all touchable computers and when he writes a program on computer he can use 3-D phantom to build a model on his lab.   

The second kind of special effects is humanized effects like use of blood bags, bullet hits and explosions. I believe the suitcase suit in Monaco was perhaps the most challenging sequence because they needed to prove that Tony had designed a suit that was portable and yet could have the weight to protect him from danger. Also they needed to make sure that they did not cross the line in making the suiting up moment too magical, due to the movie is superhero movie not a scientific film.

Another part is that when the Ivan Vanko starts the battle in F1 track that could not realistically set things on fire all over the track, or destroy several sport cars, so they did not actually film in F1 track at all. I learned from the bonus features on The Iron man 2 that they filmed some of the action sequence in a car testing center, which they dressed to look like F1 racetrack.

The Iron man 2 achieved one of the top ticket offices in 2010 and the main reason was because of the amazing special effects. The visual effects team did not care how long it took, but they wanted to get every detail right. I really suggested to watch iron man 2,the special effect are fantastic.

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