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A Lot Like Love


A Lot Like Love

              The soundtrack is one of the most important elements in a movie. In the 2005 movie, A lot like love from the director Nigel Cole and performed by famous artists such as Ashton Kutcher (Oliver), Amanda Peet (Emily) we can see a lot of emotions such as love and spontaneity.The director chooses soundtracks that are generally in accordance to what is happening in the scene. The first scene is one of the most important parts of any movie. That way, a good soundtrack is necessary because that is what gives you a first impression and idea of what it is going to be about. In this case as soon as the movie starts the song Semi charmed life comes on. The lyrics of the song don't specifically relate to the moment. However, the songs is closer to an alternative rock and gives an impression of adventure and an young atmosphere which relates to the movie and the spontaneous scene where Ashtoncene. The point where the music stops is also well planned because they get in to a calm place, the airport where the mood of the scene is different, it is not an adventure mood anymore.

                 One of the most memorable moments from the movie was almost at the end when Ashton Kutcher gives a suprise to Emily and performs in front of her house a popular song from Bon Jovi-I'll be there for you. In that case the song relates to what is happening. Ashton Kutcher is trying to tell her through the song that he wants a another chance with her and that he is willing to do anything to be with her again. The fact that Kutcher is singing and it is not just Bon Jovi in the background gives a lot more emotion to the scene.
                 The last song of the movie is Look what you've done- Jet. The song is well involved in the scene. As most of the romantic movies, A lot like love ends with a happy ending. That way, the last song is played when Emily realizes that she loves Oliver more than anything and goes after him. The song says how much a person is involved and depending on the other and also mentions that you only learn when you lose what you have won. Which is the story that happens along in the movie, where they were separated for a while and the distance made them realize that they could not be without each other.

                According to Louis Gianetti in understanding Movies, "the increased realism brought on by sound inevitably forced acting styles to become more natural". Agreeing with the author in this movie we can see how a soundtrack can increase the emotion of an scene and make it more powerful than just words. In general I like the music chosen for the movie. Even tough there are famous songs such as Look what you've done- Jet and 'Ill be there for you- Bon Jovi, I like how there is also a lot of alternative rock incorporated. Because the movie gives me an impression of cute but at the same time a rare type of love story. Amanda Peet plays a role of a pretty but not the typical girl who easily falls in love and is delicate. She has her own style and same goes for Kutcher because he lets life take him and is an alternative guy.

Gianetti, Louis D. Understanding Movies 12th edition. NJ:Pearson, 2011. Print.

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