Thursday, September 6, 2012

Author: Juan Carlos Alonso
Class: Writing as an Argument
Professor: Kassia Jackson
Date: September 6, 2012

Top Gun

Among one of the best soundtracks for movies made in the 1980’s is the soundtrack for Top Gun. Within the movie there are several scenes depicting jaw dropping stunts with military aircraft, and matched up with these scenes are a list of fantastic musical tracks to excite the audience. However, adding to the dynamic plot of the movie there are also a handful of romantic songs that ease the audience into sensual scenes. 
In the begging of the movie the audience is glued to the screen with scenes of Tom Cruise racing his motorcycle to the track Highway to the Danger Zone, a thrilling song. The song is used throughout the movie in action scenes and is a terrific attribution to the film. For, whenever the song is played outside the film the first thing I think of is the movie Top Gun. To add to the excitement of the film the song is played behind action scenes of fighter jets participating in a dog fight at sonic speeds. Furthermore, the beat of Highway to the Danger Zone, fits the scenes perfectly as it maintains a fast beat, as well as appropriate lyrics that match the excitement of acrobatic stunts. Additionally the song added to the hype of the movie as Billboards 100 claims that Highway to the Danger Zone, reached the number 2 spot in the United States for 1986. On another note, the song adds to both the pathos and ethos of the film as the lyrics portray emotions of amazement and appreciation of the skill required to maneuver such incredible aircrafts. However, the as the film incorporates more romantic scenes, the music changes to accommodate the film. 
Another famous song that gained even more notoriety from the film Top Gun is the song by the Righteous Brothers, You Never Close Your Eyes Anymore. In the movie, Tom Cruise is shown sining this romantic song in attempts to pull at the heart of his love. The lyrics of the song depict a women who has lost the feeling of being in love, which closely follows the character that Tom Cruise is singing to in the movie. However, in addition to the lyrics is a sensitive beat that would tug on the stings of any woman’s heart, thus representing the pathos in the song that brings out romantic emotions of the audience. The song is also used a tool to incorporate a larger audience to the film as it introduces more emotions for the female audience, rather than limiting the film to action scenes and thrilling music. 
Throughout the film there are several more songs that add to both the action as well as the romantic side of the movie, however the two songs listed above are without question the two most remembered songs. For, whenever the songs are played before an audience, it is my belief that most people would associate those songs with the film Top Gun. 



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