Thursday, August 30, 2012


From the creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, a movie named Ted is  playing in theaters now. A farce comedy about 35-year old man-child and his friendship with human like teddy bear Ted.
According to Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun Times, this trailer just makes you want to see this comedy/fantasy movie starring with the funniest movie character – a stuffed teddy bear Ted.
Like in the beginning of fairytale stories, a strong and authoritative voice, played by Patrick Stewart,  narrates how little child wishes for his favorite friend, a teddy bear, to become human and a real best friend. A magic night makes wish come true, so stuffed animal becomes alive. Teddy bear could talk, walk and be living adorable stuffed animal friend for the boy. However, instead of sweet fairytale, story twists around. The little boy grows into a man-child, as well as his teddy bear. They live the life of crazy irresponsible bachelors. That twist characterizes a farce comedy full of laughter. Nevertheless, this is not movie for children because it has scenes of crude and sexual content, persuasive language, and some drug use.
Well chosen soundtrack follows the movie trailer. Fairytale beginning is followed with also fairytale song and strong narrative voice. After the funny twist, slow and funky song follows their bachelor wild life on daily basis. While the plot of the trailer is cumulating, an awesome pumped song leads us deeper in the story and their problems. Song finishes loudly and instantly leaving only curiosity what might happen at the end. Well chosen soundtrack is a good argument to go to the theaters and see the whole movie.
Moreover, cast is promising a good, hilarious movie; Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, and Seth MacFarlane in main roles. Wahlberg is playing John Bennett, 35-year-old man-child. He is considered as an action-drama-crime actor because he had leading roles in The Planet of Apes, Contraband and The Fighter. Themes in those movies are serious, but also, I would characterize them as men movies, movies that most of male population would enjoy. Despite that, Wahlberg showed the audience his other side as well. In recent comedy/action movie, The Other Guys, he is playing unsecure police agent with well know great comedian Will Farrell. I believe that his role in Ted will be funny and excited and definitely worth to see.
Next, Mila Kunis plays Lori, John’s girlfriend. She is often seen in movies as sexy, strong, independent young woman that knows what she wants. In real world, she is displaying that image of herself as well. For instance, last year (2011), she became a new face for fashion company Dior. Her previous famous roles support her image as well. Remember Jackie Burkhart in That 70’s Show or Jamie in Friends with Benefits. In Ted, I expect to see the same Mila as I remember from those roles. To boost her funny side, note that she has been playing Meg Griffin in Family Guy, too. The same show that Seth Macfarlane directed and created.
In Ted, MacFarlane is not only director and screenwriter, but also he is teddy bear Ted’s voice. With his recognizable voice and humor, Macfarlane is promising again a good movie night. He created movie super funny by setting unusual characters in usual situations and; in my opinion, he did it perfectly. He created Ted, an extravagant character, in very casual setting.Movie is placed in New York City and, according to Maryann Johanson in, movie works so well because it so casually accepts the reality of living teddy bear. NYC is a city that never sleeps; has seen everything; and accepts everyone, even the stuffed animal as equal member of society.
To sum it up, movie trailer promises a good movie night. Interesting and unusual plot followed with well chosen soundtrack creates curiosity for the movie. As explained, cast has already shown in previous roles that they are amusing and funny. Overall, for those who want to have a night full of laughter, go see Ted.

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