Friday, August 31, 2012

Bourne Identity

               As we start watching the movie trailer for Bourne Identity released in 2002 we can quickly notice that it is a movie obviously targeted toward  people who like action and suspense. At the beginning there is a narrator that mentions the main points of the movie with a strong and mysterious voice. The director uses ethos and pathos to catch the spectators attention. A strong credibility aspect of the movie is Matt Damon because he was already a well known actor by the time the trailer was released as he had already performed in other famous movies with the same genre, for example Oceans Eleven in 2001. Furthermore almost at the end of the trailer they show that the movie is based on a international best seller and that it is produced by Universal Pictures a company well known for making good movies, these are credibility points and it will catch the attention of those who read the book and like Universal Pictures's movies.
                 Pathos is also used in the trailer, when they show Matt Damon's difficult relationship with a woman that he tries to protect. At the beginning the narrator mentions that Bourne, Matt Damon's character, has amnesia and throughout the trailer they mention it a couple more times and in my opinion that makes people curious about what is going to happen and if he is going to remember who he really is.

                 Louis Giannetii, in his book, Understanding Movies, mentions that "music can serve as a kind of overture to suggest the mood or spirit of the film as a whole" (214), in Bourne's trailer the soundtrack plays an important role. Even tough the trailer lasts only 2:10 minutes, every time they change or show an action scene the music gets louder and faster, that makes the intensity a lot higher than if it did not have any music. Lights and colors are generally in a kind of dark shade which associates with the suspense part of the trailer. There is also rain and snow which helps to make action scenes more exiting. As I have already watched the movie more than once I find the trailer in a perfect dosage to attract viewers attention, because it shows what the movie is about but at the same time without showing too many details, that way leaving a lot more for the actual movie. 

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