Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Blind Side

The Blind Side

        In the movie The Blind Side released in 2009, the use of adveritisements is very explicit. It 

ranges from food brands to different universities across the USA. Lately the use of product placement in movies is an element that has become very common, and espectators are getting so used to it that soemtimes it remains unnoticed. The movie The Blind Side is based in a true story about Michael Oher a big homeless boy who looks agressive because of his size, but when Leigh Anne Tuohy played by Sandra Bullock ets to know him she realizes that Michael is just a normal boy with amazing protective instincts and with a suffered backgorund. 

Most of the times it is worth it for companies to invest paying a high price to get the chance to participate in one or more scenes of a movie. According to the article Are you persuaded by product placement? by Amanda Cupido: "Every day we make choices. We may not know why we choose one brand over another, but we know which ones we prefer. This preference can be attributed to product placement, which can be found in almost every medium including movies, TV shows and video games. These products have a way of invading our subconscious mind." Which is very reliable, because it is part of a social validation nowadays that if something is on TV and it is famous, people will want to buy it. 

Particularly in this movie, there is a lot of product placement, that vary from Pepsi Cups at a Volleyball game, car brands such as Ford and BMW, and the most noticible ones are Under Armour and several universities names such as University of Teneesee, Ole Miss and others. Under Armour was definitelly the most sucessfull product. Most of the scenes in the movie seemed to have had some type of Under Armour logo. Which makes a lot of sense since the movie is related to football and Under Armour is a sports brand. 

The company did a great job by investing in this movie, because it was in their interest and the film was relatively successful. As I watched the movie I tried to count the amount of product placement and it was obvious that Under Armour was the most advertised brand. It made me think that if the spectator put the movie on mute  some scenes could often be mistaken or used as a Under Armour commercial. The movies has a lot of product placement, there was no overuse and it was  totally recommend the movie, besides doing a great job with product placement, it also teaches a good story that can motivate anyone to work hard.

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