Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ice Age : Continental Drift

Ice age is one of the famous 3D animated movies that was released in 2012. One of the negative messages we observe in the movie are related with the bad manners and bad behavior depicted through the characters. For instance, one of the scenes shows that how Scrat the squirrel puts apple in his mouth and then give it to his friend Deigo. These types of scenes create a sense of humiliation for the food. Especially for the young ones, these scenes do not prove to be good as they do what they see in the movies. 

Similarly, some other negative messages are associated with the bad behavior of Peaches when she argues with her parents and does not obey their orders. She depicts such type of behavior due to the peer pressure. The following scene also shows a conversation between Peaches and her father where she argues with her dad about having friendship with boys. As when she says
“ when will I have friendship with the boys,” and her father says “ when I am dead”. This shows that how her character is portrayed in a rude and aggressive manner.  Her annoyance is prevalent in the scenes that give a negative impact on the audience.
In addition to this, such types of scenes also trigger to the effects of gender discrimination in the society. The gender discrimination is evident in the movie through such types of conversation. Such types of scenes clearly depict that a girl cannot be a friend of a boy that poses a threat to the equality between both genders.

Some other messages that come from the movie are related with the bad words used in it. For instance one of them includes “bad ass mother” which is clearly stated in the movie. Such kinds of bad words create a negative effect on the children and they start to swear and use abusive language that affects the environment in a negative way.

Apart from the negative scenes in the movie there are also several positive messages depicted in the movie. These are related with love, friendship and family. The movies through various clips show how love and friendship always wins the hearts of audience. It also shows how one should remain close to each other through the ties of friendship and love. The following clip shows friendship and love between Ethan and Peaches. This occurred when Peaches fell on Ethan.   

Some other positive messages are evident from the title song of the movie that focuses on the lyrics of family and love. “We are family” as the title of the song gives a message that no matter in which part of the individuals live all the creatures are like a family. Even though one has to face quarrels with others, yet the message of love and attachment is evident throughout the whole movie. The following clip showing Deigo and his friends holding tight each other shows a clear message to the children about love and affection.


  1. I didn't realize that this movie contained bad words because I watched it past the age of me noticing since it did come out in 2012. I enjoy that the movie has a big theme of love and family because I believe that is something that children now a days have lost value in. The whole unconditional love theme could make children look past their Ipad and tv screens which is a great message to send.

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