Thursday, April 9, 2015

Blog 4: Disney's Robin Hood

Disney’s Robin Hood is not a well known Disney film, it was made in the 1970’s recycling characters from previous movies and using voice actors from previous Disney films.  The movie might bot be well known but it is well loved having a cult following on several media sites.  The film is based on the legend of Robin Hood and much like Disney films, it uses animals rather than people as the characters. The story follows the adventures of Robin Hood and Little John setting place in Nottingham. At Nottingham they fight against the high taxes put by Prince John, and much like any other Disney film there is a love story with Robin Hood and Maid Marian.  The root of the story is stealing from the rich to give to the poor, however, Little John in "Oo De Lally” scene, escaping the sheriff and his posse, asks Robin Hood if they’re the good guys or the bad guys.  They are in an ambiguous situation where they are not sure if what they’re doing is right. Robin responds with they don’t rob, they only borrow from those who can afford it. When they hear the fanfare of a royal coming through the path, Robin, much like Prince John taxing the people of Nottingham, Robin Hood says it’s another collection for the poor and convinces Little John with him agreeing that it’s “sweet charity.” 

 In his carriage, Prince John is seen as greedy and says “rob the poor to feed the rich” admitting he sent his noble brother to that crazy crusade.  When Little John figures out that it’s the royal coach he no longer wants to do the heist saying it’s against the law to rob royalty, however, Robin again persuades him saying that it’ll be they’re greatest heist yet saying “and miss this chance to perform for royalty.”  

Little John is placed as the moral compass, initially knowing that what they’re doing is wrong, however, because everyone is living in squalor, when Robin and Little John give to the poor he sees that he is helping and initially doing the right thing. This ambiguous dilemma could be seen as potentially negative as to what children can get from the movie.  The ambiguity of which party is doing the right thing clouds judgement for the viewer.  One against Robin Hood could say that two wrongs don’t make a right. On the other hand, Prince John represents the greed and selfishness with mother problems, while Robin Hood represents the righteous underdog.  

The Rooster tells the audience that it was a good thing that Robin kept robing the rich for the poor even with a price on his head because the poor were starving to death. Which leads us to believe that Robin Hood is the underdog fighting against a greater power.  He is a symbol of the people of Nottingham, a symbol of hope against the tyranny and taxes of Prince John who is wrongfully on the throne of his brother, King Richard.  The main fight that these characters are faced with is the classic good against evil.  Robin Hood is the underdog fighting for what he believes is right, while Prince John carries on his taxes and wants Robin’s head, while the people of his kingdom suffer poverty and hunger.  In the end, the audience would root for Robin Hood, he is the good guy doing what he can, which shows kid that they can fight for the things they believe in and be able to make a difference. Robin’s wrong to do right wins in the end because he is able to restore balance to the kingdom by removing Prince John from the throne, and, he gets the girl.

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  1. Watch Robin Hood free online on zmovies now. Film was going well. Not amazing on action or plot, but kept me interested until half time.

    A different view on Robin Hood, who borrows his name and title from a knight... a bit on the rough side, roguish looking, but with good intentions.

    Then the last part of the movie comes, with kids hiding in the woods, one of the most ridiculous battle scenes ever on a beach, a woman fighting trained soldiers only to disappear in the waves and worst of all.... kids all around fighting war veterans in a very fast, ridiculous, senseless "slaughter".

    This is an insult to any kind of warfare held in the past, any kind of sense and intelligent thinking of humankind regarding medieval war & how to crucify every sentence in the "Art of War".
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