Thursday, January 24, 2013

Superman: New and Improved

            The Man of Steel trailer sets a more serious tone for this Superman movie. In the past, Superman movies were meant for all ages; however, due to the violence displayed in this movie trailer, the film targets a slightly older audience, ranging from thirteen to forty five years old. Since this is a Superman movie, the film tailors more towards males than females, but this movie appears to have content that both genders should find exciting. For those who were disappointed with Superman Returns, this film takes a strikingly different approach.
This trailer should immediately excite Superman enthusiasts, as the trailer tears the audience away from the light-hearted Superman movies and propels the audience into a deeper and darker story. The music playing at the beginning of the trailer instantly gives you goose bumps, while also setting a very somber mood. This mood is enhanced by the use of opaque and darker colors in the opening sequences. In Understanding Movies, Louis Giannetti states, “Since the beginning, visual artists have used color for symbolic purposes” (22). The director for this film clearly displays that he wants to give this Superman film a more serious tone by employing certain coloring and musical effects. The biggest hook in the trailer, which really reeled me in, was the scene in which Superman takes flight. The combination of the visuals and the uplifting music left me awe inspired.
While Henry Cavill, the Superman actor, is not a household name, big name actors, like Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, and Amy Adams, surround him. These types of big names were absent from Superman Returns and add greatly to the credibility of this movie, while not detracting from the characters that they are playing. The names and faces of these actors, along with their own credibility as individuals, communicate to the viewer that this movie has the makings of a good film; maybe even a great one.
Towards the end of the trailer, it is clearly communicated that The Man of Steel is directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan. The goal of putting those names in the trailer with big block letters was to garner credibility and to logically attract people to come see the movie. To most males, including myself, Zack Snyder raises the capabilities of this movie as an action film, simply because he directed 300. If I were looking for a director that could adequately capture Superman’s capabilities (or my own for that matter) and put them on the big screen, then Zack Snyder would be at the top of my list. But perhaps the most important name attached to this movie is Christopher Nolan’s. If the success that Nolan achieved with the Batman trilogy is any indication to how this movie will be, then The Man of Steel will be an absolute must see.
Some argue that casting a “no name” actor as the main protagonist hurts the The Man of Steel’s credibility. In fact, Hitchcock said, “Whenever the hero isn’t portrayed by a star the whole picture suffers” (Giannetti 266). I would have to disagree. Most people already have an idea of how they think Superman should look. Although Cavill isn’t an A-list celebrity, he does fit the bill for the part of Superman. I’m not sure about you, but the idea of having a well-known actor play Superman seems a little silly to me. Due to Superman’s superhuman characteristics, it would be an impossible task to find a big name celebrity to fulfill this role without severely contradicting the actor’s previous works. I mean, just take a second and think of Matt Damon or Mark Wahlberg as Superman…just doesn’t have the same appeal as having me as Superman, right??
Lunsford and Ruszkiewicz, authors of Everything’s an Argument, state, “Readers naturally judge the credibility of arguments in part by how stylishly the case is made” (111). Style is used to gain credibility and in that particular aspect, this trailer does a great job of using visuals as a way of displaying merit. The action sequences shown towards the end of the trailer are all pretty spectacular. These visuals provide credibility to the action capabilities of Zack Snyder and make the film attractive to an action movie lover. The reason the action sequences are put towards the end is to leave the viewer wanting more. In this case, the effect is achieved with ease.
After viewing this trailer, I am both intrigued and excited about this movie. I am intrigued, because I am interested to see how this film will compare with the other Superman movies. I am excited because this film provides a new spin on a familiar story, which appears destined to be an excellent movie. Based on the credibility and emotional appeal of this trailer, it seems only logical to go see the Man of Steel.

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