Thursday, January 24, 2013

(500) Days of Summer

“This is a story of boy meets girl… you should know up front, this is not a love story.” This opening line is a shot to the heart for every romantic comedy lover. Of course we all want to see a love story develop through the course of a 2-hour movie with some popcorn in hand. As this trailer progresses, I am delighted with poppy tunes, some eye candy, and just like that my wounded heart is healed.
(500) Days of Summer seems to be appealing to an audience of young adults-older adults. There are a couple of witty lines that might not be appropriate for the youngins. With a reference to The Shins, I would have to say this movie appeals to the generation that is littered with “hipsters”. I think I would categorize movie in the romantic comedy genre.  This genre, “rom com”, seems to be an ever-growing category that can really appeal to mean and woman of a wide age range. More and more films are coming out in this area.
Now who wouldn't want to date Joseph Gordon-Levitt is beyond me. The trailer depicts his character, Tom Hansen, to  “believe that he’d never truly be happy until he’d met the one.” The ever charming, Zooey Deschanel playing Summer Finn, who doesn't share the same belief as Tom. Isn’t the girl usually the one to believe in “the one”? It seems like the pathos of these two characters don't follow the usually love story mold. The casting for this movie could not be more perfect. “Casting a movie is almost an art itself” (Giannetti 279). With this movie, it's a masterpiece.
The trailer includes pictures of young Summer and Tom, pulling on our ethos strings. As if you didn't already want them to fall madly in love. They look perfect for each other. And it’s clear that Tom obviously has a huge crush on Summer from the first scene of the trailer in the elevator. The old-time slideshow of pictures progressing through the years, side by side, makes it even worse. In Everything’s An Argument, Lundsford says,  “You don't want to play puppetmaster with people’s emotions with you write arguments…” (Lunsford 40). Although, it sure seems like my emotions were being played with throughout this trailer. The soundtrack in this trailer also uses pathos to get the viewers dancing in their seats. I mean, there’s even a scene of Tom dancing with a full cast of back up dancers…. Eye candy. Joseph, you “Make My Dreams Come True.” With these upbeat songs, you can’t help but want to sing along. I wouldn’t mind being one of those back up dancers.
Logos is shown in the trailer with the depiction of the number of the day. A clip of the day is shown. Giving the viewer a snapshot of the progression of the relationship between Summer and Tom. All of this showing how Tom is falling in love with Summer.
After all my consideration, I would absolutely see this movie, twice. Even after my emotions were toyed with during the trailer. I couldn’t stop watching the trailer. I would give this 2 tickets!

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