Monday, February 23, 2015

22 Jump street.

22 jump street movie is rated 7.2 out of 10 by IMDB based on its 173,105 users where weighted average method is used. IMDB has categorized its voters among males and females with further categorization of genders based on age groups. It has used age ranges of under 18, 18-29, 30-44, and over 45. In addition, some additional categories are website staff, top 100 voters, US users and non-USA users etc. USA users are less than non-USA users where IMDB has largely focused on age grouping but no attention is given on ethnic or cultural background of people. Age factor of voters may not enough to make adequate movie rating. The rating criteria has not segregated LGBT people (gay, lesbian, bisexual etc.), people disabilities, and people belonging to ethnic regions.
According to presentation test of Hollywood, there should be diversity on screen as part of media literacy tool. Media literacy tool refers to Bechdel test that ’22 jump street’ that movie has not passed. IMDB could have been improved if it includes certain categories with weights of people’s sexual and ethnic background. The logic behind it may include reviews of diversified viewership so they can rate movie according to presentation project test. Likewise, IMDB can include certain weight of Bechdel test like it has given to ‘top 1000 voters’. Moreover, IMDB movie rating criteria can meet requirements of presentation project test to improve credibility and comprehensiveness of its rating. 

Although, importance of age group is undeniable as ’22 jump street’ movie has targeted youth group so make and female under 18 have rated it 8.2 and 8.3 respectively that signifies the popularity among such age group. Such audience appeals to jokes related to work, college, friendship and sex. Youth also attracts to scenes like underage drinking, beach community, couples in underwear, bathing suits, involvement of college students in sex acts. Movie also has targeted mature audience by incorporating action and violence scenes among explosions, cartoon fashions, car chasing, combating with hands, and gun fights etc. It means age group segmentation seems relevant where movie is good blend of comedy, action and crime etc. while addressing the needs of people with age variations.
IMDB may rate movie from perspective of being qualified for action, comedy, romance or crime; it means movie may be rated based on its above four ingredients but not generally. 22 jump street is successive series of its previous episode so movie is doing just same thing like in predecessor episode where movie is showing its own weaknesses or characters’ weaknesses. Odd couple of Hill and Tatum show its American college liberty life with initiations, frat parties and spring breaks etc. There may be repetition of few things in 22 jump street compared to its previous episode so movie directors have to make change in upcoming episode say 23 jump street as Hollywood never allow cash cow for long time.  
We have alternate rating criteria to rate movie based on particular kind of scenes separately like action, fun, comedy, thriller then make cumulative rating of overall movie score. Following scenes may be judged on memorability, suspense, fun and love, culture, life charm etc. as distinct scores then adding up overall movie score.

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