Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blade Trinity

Blade Trinity is a movie also known as Blade III or Blade III: Trinity. It is a 2004 American vampire superhero action film; David S. Goyer wrote and directed it, who also wrote the screenplays to the first two Blade films. The story following on from Blade and Blade II and it is based on the Marvel Comics character Blade, played by Wesley Snipes. Blade: Trinity was Wesley Snipes' last theatrical release until 2009's Brooklyn's Finest. In this film the Cliché is pretty simple “he is come back, Dracula”

In this movie the director state his position on the issue and present the circumstances in which that all the vampires are bad, they lose humanity, they kill people for human blood, they are the sinner of the world, they skulk back to their shadowy schemes and furtive activities, and they are the dark side of human beings. Blade is a hybrid; he has both lineage from human and vampires, what he did undoubtedly are justice, eradicate the evil.

According to Everything’s an argument, “the key to rogerian argumentation is a willingness to think about opposing positions and to describe them fairly.”(Everything’s an argument pg177) When I watch this film, I saw some problems in it, first of all, Blade is hybrid, and he is the only black man in this film, which leads a problem racial discrimination. Secondly, vampires inject the vampire gene on animals, and they treat human as blood bag, it’s a kind of metamorphic animal testing. Last but not the least, which made me really call into question about justice, when the FBI ask how many people the Blade killed, he said 1182. At that time I thought they are all vampires, but the words after these numbers shocked me: “they are all followers, they worked with them (vampire).” So I asked myself several questions, who will kill people without batting an eye? Who transgressed mercy? And who do not even have a little bit pity stirred in his heart. The answer is cold blood Killer. This is what I thought when I stand in the opposite of the director.

In the scene, when the Blade hang a followers on the seventh floor to torture the follower who and where is their boss. Even the follower tells the truth; the Blade still killed him without hesitated. Though the followers did something wrong or break the law, it supposed to according to the laws to decide whether take his life away or put him into the prison. We are living in a legal system society; everything and everyone should bear legal responsibility. Also Blade do not have right to take someone else’s life.

I think Blade Trinity is a good superhero movie at that time, when I first watch this series movie, I never thought I would have the opposite opinions with the director, maybe it is time to change my way to thinking. Generally, Blade is a good warrior, even he killed so many people, and however he has no choice, because he was born with the responsibility to kill the vampires. For the society, he thinks his responsibility is protecting the normal people from the vampire; also preventing the vampires’ purpose.

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